“We loved it and we’ll be back !”
16 august 2016
“Exceptionally top value in all aspects of hospitality compared with Romanian hospitality standards”
16 august 2016

We have experienced the best holiday experience in Romania. After a strange circumstance which made us uncertain of our trip we have arrived at Vila Bruno before Easter. Florian and Elena, the owners of this superb location, have not had our firm confirmation of the arrival due to the circumstances referred to above. More or less we have been suprise guests and this was the perfect test for Club Austria. We found a spotless villa, made warm for us in more than 1 hour and kept warm for the entire stay.

Best of the Villa Bruno (although I should keep the list to a minimum not to have it reserved at all times):

1. Full view of Bucegi, including the lighting cross from the bedroom window during the night
2. View over the immediate forrest from the other window of the bedroom and all ground floor
3. Not able to find dust/dirt although insisted during the stay, absolutely perfect in this respect
4. Best breakfast ever had (need to admit though that our taste is probably very compatible with the owners’, as both families truly enjoy the bio concept)
5. Garden and terrace, no proper words to describe; btw this has an indoor continuation, built with great inspiration
5. The perseverance and passion from the owners to make us feel good; looking at the negative comment earlier it is indeed challenging to understand how can things feel so different; we had to prepare hot milk, had to sleep and had to eat and nothing managed to disturb us.

Bottom line I very rarely recommned products/services especially f the latter and in Romania but I have already recommended this to my best friend.