For a firm reservation, it is necessary to pay an advance of 30 % of the stay amount, based on a proforma invoice that we issue.

The payment of this advance can be made:
– by bank transfer;
– by debiting a valid bank card (requires filling in a standard form sent by us and sending a copy of the identity card of the cardholder);
– by depositing cash in our account, directly at the bank office of one of Transilvania bank branches.

The difference of 70% is paid at check-in when the invoice or related tax documents are issued.

In case – due to various reasons, you are not able to reach us during the booking period, your advance payment is not lost, but it is an advance payment for a future booking, to be agreed upon. However, the rescheduling of your booking can only be done once, and the rescheduled stay must be at least equal to your original booked stay.

If you have to interrupt your stay earlier, the nights remaining until the end of the period you paid will not be lost in the sense that you will benefit from them in the future, in a period to be mutually agreed upon (the period will be during business days and outside packages organised for various holidays).