Boutique Hotel | Small luxury hotel

Although life has taken us to some of the most beautiful places in the world, the love for this area, where we were born and raised, has remained unaltered. Attracted not only by the beauty, but perhaps also by the extraordinary energy with which these lands have been blessed, The Mysteries of Bucegi Mountains, we returned whenever we had the opportunity, giving up other apparently more attractive destinations. However, because we could not find accommodation to our liking in the area, a place where the high comfort conditions blended harmoniously with the closeness of nature and maximum intimacy, we understood that there was a deficit on this accommodation segment, given that there certainly were not few people looking for them. Thus, we wanted to make an investment oriented from the very beginning to “small luxury”, with its own personality, attractiveness among the choiceful people, with special exigencies or those familiar with the unique atmosphere of some places that reconstruct the aristocratic style.

CLUB - AUSTRIA has developed a very intimate interior design that blends “classic” and “modern” styles harmoniously. Solid wood furniture and natural materials used for interior decorations - such as stone, cork, wood, leather and wool carpets, personalize each room and give each villa a warm and inviting atmosphere. We wanted our guests not to feel in a hotel and the solution could only be a “boutique hotel”. The quality and personalisation of the services provided to our guests - often impossible to provide by big hotels, is another defining feature of the “boutique hotel” concept and is always the centre of our attention. We aim to capture the ingenious aesthetics, the attention to detail, both in the elegance of the hotel, as well as in the personalisation of the services, but also through the high degree of comfort and intimacy, beyond expectations.

As location exclusivity is the defining term of “boutique hotels”, we built in a secluded and quiet area, at the edge of a secular forest, a few dozen meters from the Zamora creek bed, in a place where our guests can touch the branches of trees from their window. A Boutique Hotel must also offer a new experience of the relationship between the guests and the hotel staff, which is why we decided to take care, as owners, of our guests. By turning to an exclusive segment, CLUB - AUSTRIA is best known for its recommendations or travel agencies specialised in this segment. Once they arrive, our guests enjoy all the particularities that define a Boutique Hotel, related to the exclusive location, the special comfort conditions, the special intimacy and the diversity of personalised services.